📣 Central Bank of #Nigeria 🇳🇬 to Unveil its #DigitalCurrency, ‘e-Naira’ in October!

👉 The #CentralBank of Nigeria (#CBN) plans to test its Central Bank Digital Currency (#CBDC), and the pilot will begin as early as #October.

👉 The CBN Director, #RakiyaMohammed stated that the bank has been exploring the expertise for the last two years and can launch Nigeria’s #digitalmoney by the end of this year.

👉 Mohammed says that the foreign money would complement money notes and will make remittance transfers easier for Nigerians.

👉 CBDC will improve economic growth, make cross-border transactions more manageable and give more…

📣 @GoldmanSachs Applied for #DeFi and Blockchain Equity #ETF

👉 #GoldmanSachs plans to develop an exchange-traded fund connected to the performance of companies working on blockchain and the digitization of finance.

👉 Company has applied to an exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the #USSecurities and Exchange Commission (#SEC) to provide exposure to the DeFi.

👉 The filing said Goldman Sachs would innovate DeFi and Blockchain Equity ETF to track the performance of the Solactive Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Index, a German provider of financial indices.

👉 The global markets Goldman plans to pick include #Australia 🇦🇺, #Canada 🇨🇦, #France 🇫🇷, #Germany…

📣 @JackDorsey, CEO of #Twitter, says that #Bitcoin will play a key in the future of Twitter

👉 In Twitter’s second-quarter earning call, Jack Dorsey said Bitcoin will play a “big part” in the company’s future.

👉 #Dorsey referred #BTC as the currency of the internet and talked about plans to integrate Bitcoin in the current services of Twitter.

👉 Presently, Twitter provides services like commerce and subscriptions with features like Twitter Tip and Super Follows are planned to come in the near future.

👉 Dorsey also explained to investors about Twitters commitment to the #decentralization of #socialmedia and how Bitcoin-enabled innovation is more than just a currency for everyone.

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Meet the Amazing Women in Blockchain Personalities

📣 Meet the Amazing #WomeninBlockchain Personalities

GokuMarket’s “Women in #Blockchain” will bring more women to lead in the education, development, and promotion of #blockchainTechnologies 👋

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By joining Women in Blockchain one receives benefits like:

💜 “Woman in Blockchain” — GokuMarket #onlinewebinar!

💜 Opportunities for #womeninvestors & #entrepreneurs

💜 Interactive collaboration with amazing people in the community

💜 Providing the space & resources to connect, learn, & grow together

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Amazon.com ’s payment team recently posted a job to hire a digital currency and blockchain expert.

👉 Amazon.com ’s payment team recently posted a job to hire a #digitalcurrency and #blockchainexpert.

👉 This has started the speculation that #Amazon may be taking a more serious look at #cryptocurrencies.

👉 Presently, Amazon doesn’t accept any cryptocurrencies as payment for its products nor does it operate using the #blockchain.

👉 “We’re inspired by the innovation happening in the cryptocurrency space and are exploring what this could look like on Amazon,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

👉Speaking to Express.co.uk Greg Waisman, co-founder and COO…

GokuMarket is pleased to announce the launch of GokuMarket Decentralized Commerce with its unique features — check it out!

July 25, 2021 — GokuMarket introduces Decentralized Commerce with its unique features, aiming to provide the most popular decentralized services to the users and become a community-driven platform that strives on excellence. The platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of decentralized finance.

GokuMarket Decentralized Commerce 🛍️🔥

Our vision is to build the most decentralized community-driven platform in the DeFi industry. …

Meet Gail Cruz-Macapagal, who is a Country Director at Dynaquest Technology Services Inc. @GokuMarket is happy to be featuring Gail in our #Women in Blockchain (WiB) Campaign! ✨

Our #campaign is an intuitive all-in-one solution for #womenempowerment that inspires interaction among women, who share an identity, or common goal. @GokuMarket also aims to train women to use online communication tools and get up to speed with the latest trends in the modern marketing and digital world.

If you know any women in #Blockchain, give them a tag in the comments so we can check them out and invite them with wide-open arms!

Please join WiB WhatsApp Community: https://bit.ly/GokuMarketWiB

Let’s support women in tech together!

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📣 @ElonMusk Discussed #BTC with @JackDorsey at ₿ Word Conference

👉 #Elon Musk, in a conference between #JackDorsey and others, revealed that his company @SpaceX holds BTC, which was previously not made public.

👉 “If the price of #Bitcoin goes down, I lose money. I might pump, but I don’t dump,” Musk said during “The B Word” event. He further added that he is a supporter of cryptocurrency.

👉 Elon further revealed that @Tesla is running its diligence to start accepting Bitcoins again as the form of payments. …

📣 #European Union to Ban Cryptocurrency Anonymity in Anti-money Laundering Plan

👉 The European Commission wants to end anonymity in cryptocurrencies by establishing a new anti-money laundering agency to fight money laundering and hinder terrorism financing.

👉 The proposals released by financial services commissioner Maireád McGuinness aim to detect suspicious transactions & activities and close loopholes in the financial system.

👉 If the proposal is adopted, the EU will have central authority bodies for Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) applicable for all crypto asset service providers and cryptocurrencies.

👉 The body would prohibit anonymous crypto…

GokuMarket welcomes the HNC Coin Community to enjoy real-world utilities 💜 Deposit, Withdraw, Trade, Shop, buy HNC with card — try it now!

July 21, 2021 — GokuMarket, one marketplace for the blockchain economy where GokuMarket registered users can buy, sell, earn and shop with newly listed HNC Coin. Users can now trade HNC Coin effortlessly on GokuMarket to buy, sell, store & explore HNC on GokuMarket with a few clicks.

📣 HNC Coin 🔥 x GokuMarket ✅

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HNC Coin HODLers can now buy, sell and store HNC in the…

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