GokuMarket Updates: What’s next for GMC?

As informed, with GokuMarket’s custodial users (including prelaunch) from centralized exchange being taken over by the acquiring partner, the platform gokumarket.com is then transitioned to be a completely non-custodial Web 3.0-based platform.

The details of the acquiring partner will be announced later this month, along with the recovery plan for the user assets. Rest assured, we at GokuMarket are not giving up and are trying our best to make the best of our situation by focusing on ways to recover user assets instead of measures like declaring insolvency.

To ensure the solidity of GokuMarket Credit (GMC) and uphold the interest of GMC holders, GokuMarket.com will be transitioned to a DAO-based NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. The key roadmap modules are:

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

• DAO Foundation with Addresses, GMC balances, TelegramIDs

• GMC Pledge for joining DAO

• Project proposals for Voting by GMC holders

• Collect USDT by burning GMC, reward & deflation mechanism


• Seller Dashboard

• Upload NFTs

• Auction sale

• Fixed price sale

• 10% NFT sale fee

• NFT purchase in USDT only (BEP20)

• DAO approval for NFT, i.e.moderation for profanity

• Ask & Bid — acceptance to execute the NFT sale


• Collector Dashboard

• Make an offer/Bid

•Instant Buy

• Resale of NFT


• The 95% of the USDT fee collected would be distributed entirely to DAO.

• The 5% of the USDT fee collected would be distributed entirely to DAO Foundation.

• USDT distributed can be collected by burning pledged GMC.

• The ratio of USDT to GMC will be based on the current market price.


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